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Mackenzie Ziegler Dance Moms Fun Facts!

  • Mackenzie’s middle name comes from her Bopcha Frances
  • Mackenzie said “I am so small! Why am I so small?!”  after seeing herself on Anderson
  • The Dance Moms girls miss about one day of school a week during season 2 of Dance Moms for filming
  • “I am a sweets queen. Sometimes I just like to stick my face in cake” -Mackenzie Ziegler
  •  “I really like those converses but man they need some rhinestones”-Mackenzie Ziegler
  • ALDC did a dance named “Where have all the Children Gone” in 2008
  • The Dance Moms girls model for Creations by Cici Costumes
  • The Dance Moms Girls take tumbling classes two times a week at ALDC
  • Melissa Ziegler’s family calls her Bubby
  • Mackenzie’s nickname is BooBoo Kitty
  • The Dance Moms girls got to meet Nick Jonas at his show “How to succeed in business without even trying!”
  • Maddie’s aunt is Renee Sulo Burkey and she has a Twitter and she is now Bopcha
  • Maddie’s cousin is Nicole and has a Twitter
  • Maddie and Mackenzie called their grandmother Bopcha which is Polish
  • Maddie and Mackenzie’s favorite animals are dogs, monkeys and zebras
  • Pretty much everyone one qualifies for “nationals” it is not a big deal
  • They went to multiple other “nationals” other than the one in episode 11 season 1 of Dance Moms
  • Neither the Dance Moms nor their daughters are paid to be on the show
  • This is another dance from Abby Lee Miller Dance  Company, costumes look familiar?
  • Mackenzie  Ziegler, Maddie Ziegler and Paige Hyland all go to the same school
  • Mellisa’s maiden name is Sulo
  • Abby Lee Miller and Cathy Stein from Candy Apple Dance Center were friends before the show started
  • Mackenzie, Chloe and Maddie have iPhones
  • Audra Adams is the girls’ tudor who travels with them when they miss school and all the girls get straight A’s
  • Gianna Martello is the assistant that is frequently in the show
  • Abby Lee Miller and Kurt Ziegler went to high school together
  • All the dancers on Dance Moms are straight A students
  • Melissa Ziegler and Kelly Hyland danced when they were kids and Holly took dance classes in college
  • Mackenzie’s middle name is Frances
  • Maddie and Mackenzie love Justin Bieber and Maddie has a life size poster in her room.  Maddie also likes Cody Simpson and Selena Gomez
  • All the dance mom girls went as themselves for Halloween except for Mackenzie who was a mouse.  Melissa was a cat
  • The Zieglers’ dog’s name is Molly and is a Corgi
  • The dance moms girls are fans of the Steelers and the Penguins (I am too!!!)
  • Mackenzie is in the 3rd grade and Maddie is in 4th
  • The girls dance 3.5-4 hours every night and 12-18 hours a week
  • The ALDC showcase is held at Shadyside Academy in Fox Chapel in the summer
  • Mackenzie’s birthday is June 4th
  • Melissa used to work at the studio to help pay for dance
  • Mackenze has 2 halfbrothers and a future stepbrother and stepsister
  • Melissa’s middle name is Ann
  • The show was originally going to be called Just Dance
  • Abby Lee Miller never did the pyramid rating scheme of the dancers before the show
  • The cast of dance moms does not know what will be on the show until it airs on television
  • The Ziegler’s used to have a Yorkie named Gucci
  • Melissa  used to live in New Holland, PA and graduated from Garden Spot; She used to take Gymnastics in Reading, PA
  • The girls go to ALDC 6 days a week when filming and 4 days a week when they are not filming
  • Melissa used to work at Mellon bank and teach aerobics in Lititz



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    You have beautiful fun facts..

  4. Kristen A
    Mar 02, 2012 @ 21:14:29

    My family is Polish and it’s spelled Babcia not Bopcha 🙂

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